As you see, slider labels are far away outside it's container

But you can fix it with ease if you wish, with force_edges attribute:

Grid will set up automatically, just set grid to true:

Want more? Use grid_num:

Have predifined step? You can snap grid to it:

Even if you have a very strange step!

Sometimes you want to forbid dragging one or both handles. Try to move left handle, you can't.

You can even lock both handles

Sometimes you may want to show user full slider, but restict him from using it for 100%

You can also highlight this zone:

One more example with limits:

You can lock your slider, by using disable option:

After first focus, you can control slider by keyboard (arrow keys and WSAD):

Also you can set up keyboard step (in percents):

You can use native Date object if you wish, but moment.js is better!

Example with 12 hours time format

Example with 24 hours time format and localisation to russian:

One more example, with localisation to japanese:

Set minimum interval size:

Set maximum interval size:

Dragging interval: